Comments in SP-1

Sometimes you just can’t plan for every contingency on a menu.  There is always that customer that wants their food or beverage in a way that you just didn’t consider or that has some bizarre special request.

  • The pizza with the tomatoes on the side.
  • Soda without ice in the glass.
  • Latte made extra hot.
  • That bagel served on a plate and not in a bag
And probably a hundred more that all of you have experienced before.   At SelbySoft,  I hear these stories fairly often.  Fortunately, we also have a way to accommodate them!  It’s called Customer Comments.
The Customer Comments feature allows you to pre-program  up to thirteen custom comments that your employees can use to handle unusual situation.  Some pretty common default comments include:
  • On the side.
  • See server.
  • Don’t make.
  • Extra hot.
  • Kids temp.
  • Extra napkins
The fourteenth comment is a Manual Input button.  Selecting this allows your employees to type virtually anything they need to in order to handle the situation.
One last bonus piece of information for you.  Our comprehensive reporting system also allows you to run a report on comments used by any time frame you specify.  This allows you to search for how many times one some of these are used.  If it is often enough, then maybe think about making that comment into a modifier button instead.
Questions?  Let me know!
February 13th, 2014 by