Comments in SP-1 POS

Comments In SP-1

Are you using the pre-programmed comment feature in SP-1?  For those of you that are not aware, you can setup a total of 13 pre-programmed (canned) comments in SP-1.
This feature is setup in System Setup | Ticket Comments. 
These can be used for those situations where you need to communicate with the kitchen or Barista but don’t want to make a dedicated POS button for it.  You also have the ability to setup if you want those comments to print to the dedicated printer.  

Combining these pre-programmed comments with the Manual Input comment can make sure that you cover any situation that can come up.

If you do have a situation that requires a comment and you need to charge a customer (an extra cup for example), then combine this with the Misc. Charge Button.  That will allow you to add a dollar amount to the ticket to insure you are covered.

Finally, what good are comments if they can’t be tracked?  SP-1 has the ability to provide complete reporting on even the comments that have been used.  This lets you determine if a comment is so popular that making a modifier button would make more sense.

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