Automatic Reporting from SelbySoft

It’s been a while since we showed off the MobileDash reporting  that SP-1 by SelbySoft is capable of.  MobileDash is one of the remote reporting options that we have available for customers of our SP-1 point of sale system.  This option is $10/month or included with our Corporate Reporting and Enterprise options.

What can MobileDash do for you?  Simple. . . Provide on the fly and hourly reporting to your email or cell phone.   This is a great tool for staying on top of what is happening  in the store, especially if you are not working the store on a regular basis.  Even better, MobileDash comes with MobileAlerts to notify you of potential theft and other situations.   Since we allow multiple email addresses to be added, you can even have your coffee shop manager or restaurant manager receive the alerts!


August 8th, 2013 by