You have a spare don’t you?

Have you looked into spare equipment for your POS system? 

This blog is for those of you that are running systems that have seen better days.  All of us try to push the envelope when it comes to equipment.  I rarely have a customer that calls us up after 3 years and says that they want to replace the computers pro-actively! 
If your stations are 3, 4, 5 or more years old, then you might want to think about a spare computer.  You have extra product on hand right?  A spare tire in the car?  A spare house key or car key?  It makes sense to have a spare computer for one of the most mission critical pieces of equipment in the store!

Recently, we had a customer running a two terminal system with eight year old computers .  .  . on a Wednesday, his main computer died.  Sure, he was still up on station two but it severely impacted the business while he waited to buy a new computer and have it arrive and configured.
If he had a spare, he would have been up and running immediately!   
So, if your computer looks like the one below – call us and ask about options for spare equipment! 

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