World Tea Expo Wrap Up

I just spent three days at the World Tea Expo and am overwhelmed by everything I saw there.

Tea is a growing part of the beverage industry and every year I am excited to see it being explored by more and more people.

This year I was approached by more people that described their concept as “Starbucks – but with tea”.   I think it is an indication that tea is becoming more mainstream as a younger generation explores the beverage for the health benefits.

So, what is different between a person that approaches us for a coffee shop or a tea shop?   The biggest thing that we see is that the tea client (in general) is more interested in inventory control from a tracking and reporting side of things.

Why?  Because with tea we look at loose leaf and retail sales.  This typically involves using a scale to weigh the tea by the ounce or gram.   When you are doing this, the need for inventory control becomes very important.  With the cost of some of these teas, even a .5 gram variance can start to add up over time.

Of course, SP-1 has the ability to track and control this through barcoding and electronic scale systems. 

Need more information?   Touch base with us and see how we can help you maintain complete control on your inventory.

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June 28th, 2011 by