Saving on Delivery Driver Payroll

If you have delivery drivers then you probably have this issue:

Your insurance company bills you higher fees for your delivery drivers.  With one of our customers, the example was $2 per $100 in payroll for staff and $7 per $100 in payroll for delivery drivers.  The issue that comes up is that your drivers are not actually driving for the whole time they are on the clock.

Utilizing our XML Ticket export in SP-1, we have the ability to gather data that can let us help reduce your costs.   This export let’s us see the total number of deliveries, total time on the road and average time per run.  The most important is the total time on the road.     In one example with a customer we found that their drivers spent a total of 2,830 actual hours on the road. 

When we calculated the insurance rate based on hours on the road and not based on hours clocked in we found a difference of over $1,100!

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July 17th, 2014 by