Reporting methods in SP-1

We all agree that reporting is important right?   One of the questions that we from people who are looking to purchase our SP-1 system is what are the different methods of reporting available.

Sometimes how you get reports can be as important as what you get on the reports!  

1)  Printed –  The most obvious way is to print reports to a laser printer so you can review them at any time.  There are a number of reports that can be printed to the thermal receipt printer as well.   This is great for shift closes etc. 

2) Reporting to screen – Just looking for a quick number or to review data SP-1 can provide?  Run the report to the screen!  It’s a quick way to review without printing. 

3) Reporting to disk – Want to print to a file?  We handle that as well.  It’s a great way to save reports and view later on.  They can be viewed in any word processor.  This is also a great way to email reporting to another partner. 

4) Dashboard – Want to review what is going on in the store?  Hit the Dashboard button!  Remember, this will give you a quick snapshot of your most important totals.

5) Export files – Want more powerful reporting?  Use the XML exports we have developed! These allow you to pull information into tools like Excel to really get in depth with the reporting. 

5) MobileDash  – Need information on the go?  MobileDash is the way to go.  This will provide hourly reporting direct to any phone that receives email.   MobileDash is affordable as well, only $10 a month or free with our Corporate Software Options. 

6) Corporate Reporting Options – Want information from anywhere?  Our corporate reporting options automatically transmit all of your sales information to a central location automatically every day. This is a great way to manage multiple locations.  Check with us for the cost. 

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