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In my last blog I wrote that we would be looking at what reports SP-1 has to offer.  More importantly, we will look at what you should use them for.

As I said last time, reports are something that people love and hate.  They love the fact that the information is out there and hate the fact that they don’t use it.   Let’s try and clear some things up here. . . 

In SP-1 we try to put our reports in some specific categories:

Daily Sales – This is the main business reporting section.  In here you will find the reports that impact your sales totals and menu mix breakdowns.  We will cover this more later.

Time Keeping – This is where employee reporting is.  Hours, time worked, wages etc.

Delivery – Here we cover what happened to the drivers you have on the road.

Mailing / E-mail –  Marketing is what goes on with these reports.  This area is incredibly important as it can help you directly increase your sales and customer retention.

Ticket History – Specific, surgical reporting on some certain categories of discounting, comments etc.

Account Billing –  If you run an accounts payable system for your customers, this is where you will see what is outstanding. 

Order Processing –  If you use our Order Processing module, you will get quote time breakdowns here.

Street Names –  For those of you that do delivery, you can find out about your delivery area here.

Inventory – All of the inventory and portion control reports are handled here.  Including the variance reporting on inventory.

Deferred Orders – If you handle timed or scheduled ordering, you will find it here.

Customer – Specific reporting regarding customers is located here. 

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s start to talk about these categories in more depth.   My next blog will focus on the Daily Sales area. 

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