Order Confirmation Monitors & Pole Displays

Let’s talk about a couple things that are optional (they require a hardware purchase) but that can help you in very significant ways!

First, what are they? A Pole Display is something we have all seen – it’s a simple display with 2-4 lines mounted on a pole and faces the customer. When items are entered into the POS, the pole displays that total price to the customer. Sometimes these allow for a message to display when the display is not being used.

Order Confirmation Monitors are the next evolution in this technology. They are a full screen (usually 15-17″) that sits on the counter and provides a full description, price as well as customized messages and pictures that display to the customer. Basically, this provides a more full featured method of showing the customer what they ordered.

So, why have them at all? Well, for a number of reasons. . . First and foremost is the perceived value as to employee theft and customer satisfaction. It’s hard for an employee to back out of a ticket, void it or change an item and then pocket the money when the customer sees everything that is being done.

Aside from employee theft, the OCM (Order Confirmation Monitor) has other advantages. Because it is a full monitor this system can display upsell options and even a slide show that displays when the customer is waiting for their order. These options allow you to market directly to your customer as they are ordering.

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