NEW MobileDash

Thinking about our MobileDash Options?  You haven’t seen anything yet! 

This new technology allows SP-1 to remotely communicate with you via email on a constant basis.

We started with being able to show you your:
Tostal tickets
Total sales
Average dollar per ticket
Total labor dollars
Labor percent
Total cost of goods
Total cost of goods percent

We then give you menu group breakdowns with totals!  This all is emailed to you on an hourly basis so you are completely in control of what is going on in your store. 

While all of this us pretty cool we decided that it could not stop there.  All of this was just the beginning of the reporting you receive from us.

MobileDash has been enhanced to provide new features as well! 

VoidTrack– Ticket voided?  You get an email!

TheftAlert– If an employee enters 911 as the password for no sale – you get an email alerting you to a potential robbery!

AuditTrack – When a void does happen you need to know what is happening. Audit track will show you what was voided who did it and when.

TimeManager– an employee clocks in? You get an email!

Nosale– No sale occurs? You get an email!

EmployeeMail. Are you familiar with our ecomm messaging system?  This takes it a step further so that your ecomms are automatically emailed to your employees

Do you use twitter ?  How would you you like to tweet specials from SP-1?  We have added this feature so that you can tweet specials directly from the system!

Don’t think this is the end of this type of development….Keep checking with us for cool options to come!

Contact us at:
Mike Spence
8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

March 24th, 2011 by