Little Known Retail Feature

For those of you that have the retail control system in SP-1, did you know that you can assign those items to buttons?

For instance. . . Let’s say that you sell gelato or ice cream by the ounce or pound or coffee. Well, it’s a little difficult to barcode that! So, instead of remembering a complicated sku number or code assign it to a button in order entry! This is a really easy and convenient way to pull up and sell retail items without a barcode.

The way this works is by assigning the retail item to the menu group. Since it shows up as a menu group, it is always on the main screen. It’s as great way to access a very commonly used retail item. To set this up, simply create the retail item and then create a menu group with the name *retail*upccode (replace upc code with the actual code). Then when you select this button it pulls up that item immediately.

While we are on this, don’t forget that we offer the ability to not only barcode items for use with a scanner but that we can actually print the customized barcodes for you through a dedicated barcode printer. This allows you to print the barcodes as you receive the retail into the store.

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October 26th, 2009 by