Integrate your credit cards through Point of Sale!

When talking to owners of food and beverage locations, I’m often asked about credit card processing. 

Usually the conversation revolves around if the owner should integrate the credit card processing into the POS or continue to use a terminal for processing.   

So what does integration have over terminals?  Quite a bit . . . 
  • No equipment needed.  Since it is working through software only, you get to free up space on your counter.
  • Ease of use.  Your employees already should know how to swipe a card!  Plus you have the card swipe for employee clock ins and gift cards already.
  • Less mistakes.  When credit card processing is integrated through SP-1, your employees don’t have to enter any information beyond the card number (and that is handled by swiping the card on the side of the monitor!   Unlike a terminal, the employee does not need to enter the total dollar amount (eliminating those typos).
  • Compatibility.  We work with virtually every credit card processor out there.  No issues with having to re-program a terminal.
  • Flexibility.  Have multiple stations? With the credit card integration you have the ability to take credit cards on all computers running SP-1 with no additional cost. 
  • No additional phone line.  Since the credit cards are run through an internet connection, you don’t need an additional phone line.

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