How To See COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold)

Do you track your Cost of Goods sold?  SP-1 has the ability to show you your COGS on the fly three different ways!

1)   Check out the Business Summary (Reports | Daily Sales Recap | Business Summary).   This will show you the current COGS.  If you input a time frame, it will show the COGS for that time frame.  If you display the report, you can see greater detail as we show the actual total dollar amount of the COGS as well as the percentage.

2)  Dashboard method.  The dashboard is a great way to quickly see COGS.  Simply select the dashboard button and enter a user code and password.  The COGS, and other information, will appear!

3) MobileDash method.  There is a cost to the MobileDash ($10/month) but if you are using it, you will receive hourly updates to the COGS along with other information.




July 18th, 2013 by