Gift Card Customer Reporting

Curious about gift card usage?

We all know that gift cards are a great way of increasing revenue and customer retention.  One of the questions that comes up is how to track what happened with a gift card.   Usually this comes up because a customer thinks they should have more money on their card than they actually do. 

SelbySoft has a great report that will show you a complete history of the gift card when you are using our free internal gift card system. 

In Reports | Customer | Internal Gift Card System you will find an option that provides a couple different types of information.

For example, to see all the transaction history for a specific card, you would simply select the Individual button and then enter the gift card number and dates to see.    The example below shows what type of information is being displayed – notice that all voids, loads, sales etc are shown along with the date and the employee that performed the transaction!

This is a great way to check if someone has used a card incorrectly and to help verify transactions. 

Another report that can be run here is the list of outstanding cards.  With this report you will see a total list of all gift cards that have not had any use since a certain date.  This is a great liability report!

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