Designing a Gift Card?

Are you looking to design and implement a gift card for your store?  If so, think about these things first!

  1. Pay for, and get, the original, LAYERED art setup files.  This is crucial if you ever need to make changes down the road.
  2. Think about the back of the card.  In most cases you can wrap color around the back for a true custom card.
  3. Think before you put locations and phone numbers on the cards.  You may add a second location, move or close a location.  Customers usually know where they got the card!
  4. Look at the proof but realize that colors look different from monitor to monitor and from the monitor to the card itself.  If you are a stickler, supply the exact color information.  We don’t know what “blue” means to you!
  5. Order in quantity.  They don’t go bad!
December 5th, 2016 by