Customers? We can track them!

Do you take advantage of the customer file features SP-1 has?  If not, then you might be missing out on one of the best features of SP-1!

Most people are aware that SP-1 can track your customers and their name, address, phone number but have you explored the other items that are in the customer file and available to you? 

Birthday.  Yep, we track your customers birthday!  Better yet, you can use SP-1 to alert your staff that customer has a birthday coming up!

Email.  Anyone can track an email address – we track ten per customer! 

Multiple phone numbers.  Use a phone number to track past orders for your customers?  SP-1 tracks ten per customer.  If a customer calls with their cell, home, work or any other line, you can link all of them to the same account. 

Multiple addresses.  An address is great for delivery but what if the customer wants it to go to his office or friends house?  What about catering?  With SP-1 you can have up to three additional addresses for catering.

Custom remarks.  A line just for your staff!  What ever you type here is highlighted on the screen for your clerk to see.  

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June 21st, 2011 by