Credit Card Setup

One of our Customer Service guys recently took a call from someone that was asking about some specifics in the way our Credit Card system is setup.  That sounded like a good blog topic!

SP-1 allows for some customization on the credit card side of things.  Here are some of the most common items that we can customize.

  • Credit Card Printing Threshold:  This allows you to specify at what point you don’t automatically print a credit card receipt.  For instance, if you set this to $20.00, credit card receipts will only automatically print if the ticket is over $20.00!  Of course, you can manually print a slip if someone requests it.
  • Number of Receipts to Print:  Setting this to 2 will provide two separate receipts for your customer.
  • Print Employee:  You can choose to print the employees name, ID code or both on the receipt.
  • Tip Description:  Want to have the tip line print “gratuity”?  Enter that here.
  • Print Customer Name:  If you have a name or a customer account attached to the ticket, then you can choose to print this on the receipt.
  • Print Voids: Selecting this will allow you to force a voided credit card slip to print.
  • Tip Guideline:  You can choose to print a suggested tip amount.   You have two areas to fill a suggested percentage in.  For example, if you put 10 and 20, then SP-1 will calculate the dollar amount of the tip based on 10% and 20%.
  • Header:  Enter in what you want printed on the top of the credit card receipt.
  • Agreement:  Enter in what you want printed on the bottom of the credit card receipt.
August 23rd, 2012 by