Close That Shift!

How do you handle shift changes?

SP-1 supports up to 10 shifts per day per station.  This can be handled by having the employee run the 40 Column Shift Close Report or the Balance Till report.   The employee then counts the money and then hands it all over or stores it in the lock box or safe.    The challenge with this is if you have employee theft issues.  Allowing the employee to count their own till and match it against a report can lead to them ‘adjusting’ the cash they have on hand.

Another way is to do a ‘blind shift’ close.   This can be done by not allowing the employee to run the balance till or 40 column shift close reports.  Then, when the employee finish their shift, they print one ticket with a comment on it.  The comment will read something like “end of shift”.  This receipt goes into the cash bag along with the till count.

At the end of the night or shift, the owner or trusted manager runs the shift close report and enters the ticket number off the receipt in the bag.   SP-1 will automatically show you just the close  out for the tickets during that shift !   While this puts a little more work on the manager or owner, it helps insure that the employees are accountable for their actions.

SP-1 also supports multiple cash drawers per station.  This is another way to insure that you have accountability when changing shifts as well as making a shift change easier to do.

Finally, we support locking lids for your cash drawer as well.


July 1st, 2013 by