Are you secure?

Are you really secure?  Let’s ask some questions:

Do you review the security levels in SP-1 from time to time?  

If not, you should.  It’s vital to check over what access employees and managers have.  Remember that your store evolves over time.  Call us to make sure what your employees are currently allowed to do. 

Are you checking that your password is not being used by anyone else?

Check the audit reports we offer and compare them to the times you and your manager work.  If you see those employee codes used when you are not there, then you have a problem! 

Do you change your password on a regular basis?
I hope so!  In 7.60 and above, you are required (PCI / PA-DSS Standards) to change your password every 90 days.  If you are not doing that now, you should be.  It’s one of the best ways to insure you employees don’t have access to your system. 

Are you using “hard” passwords?
Is your password “1234” or your name?  That’s not OK and we all know it.  Your passwords should be at least seven characters with a combination of letters and numbers. 

Do you allow Windows access?
This is a tough one.  In some cases you may have to.  If you don’t have a specific need to, then make sure you set SP-1 up to be maximized at all times.  This helps eliminate the ability to access Windows.  If you do allow employee access, then check the Internet Explorer history on a  regular basis to see what your employees are doing online. 

What about checking your Audit Reports with Customer Service?
Call us on this.  Seriously – you need to ask about this.  Basically, we can show you any ticket that has been altered or reduced and help you stay on top of theft. 

Do your employees have a separate code to clock in?  What about employee cards or fingerprint ID?

Please don’t use one employee code or card for everyone in your store!  If you have to use codes then make sure each employee has their own.  This will allow you to track who is doing what and when! 

Hopefully, you answered all of these correctly!  If you didn’t then you might want to call us to review how we can make sure you are as safe from theft as possible. 

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