3 Ways to handle a refund in SP-1


We make mistakes.  Anyone that has worked in food and beverage has seen it happen.  A customer orders ‘X’ and gets ‘Y’ right?   The customer points it out and you refund or re-make the order.  I thought it would be fun to talk about the best ways to track that in SP-1.   There are a couple methods to handle this but the best is with discounts and the tracking system for them.

Here are three different ways to handle this in our system

1) Re-making the order.  The best way to handle this involves two steps.  The first is to re-print the original order so you can start re-making it.  With a simple order you may skip this but it if it a large order or complex then this makes sense.  Next, re-enter the order on a new ticket and then use a 100% ticket discount (we suggest you create a customer one called “mismade order”).    This works best because inventory is tracked as well.  If there was only one item on the ticket, then you can use a 100% line item discount  to accomplish that.  Please note. . . This is not a refund , just a way to track the re-make.

2) Refunding the money.  This can be done by using a retail refund .  Once you have this setup your employee can simply select that item and then enter the total amount of the refund.  This refund can be named  (“mismade order”) as well.   Finally, the employee can place a comment on the ticket explaining the situation or pointing to the ticket that the original order is on.

3)  Discount on the original ticket.  You can also open the original ticket and then apply the 100% discount.  When you complete the ticket, SP-1 will tell you the amount to refund!

February 16th, 2012 by