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Menu Group in SelbySoft POS
Menu Group in SelbySoft POS
Menu Group in SelbySoft POS
Menu Group in SelbySoft POS
Menu Group in SelbySoft POS
Menu Group in SelbySoft POS

Features That Help You Grow

See how our innovative features will help you succeed - even in the toughest times.
From Zero Training to Reporting - SelbySoft is here to help!

Since installing in 2009, the customer service has been excellent. Their point of sale has grown with us. With our volume, speed and accuracy are important and SelbySoft has always been able to help

—Eric, 1702
Customer since 2009

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Break The Training Cycle

Hire, Train & Help Customers
All In The Same Day

See how Zero Training will help you reduce the time it takes to get an employee up to speed. Our graphical layout has been shown to dramatically reduce order times.

Cutting Edge Features to help you keep the orders moving. . .

Payments for Every Situation

From cash to credit, customer accounts to gift and more, we have you covered.

Track your cash with up to 10 shifts a day, server and driver banks & workstation specific totals. You can have up to five cash drawers per station to keep accountability.
All credit card types can be accepted thorugh the on screen swipe, keyboard (for phone orders), or integrated EMV Chip Reader for secure transactions.

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All For One Processing works!
Apple Pay is accepted with approved integrated EMV Chip Readers.

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All For One Processing works!
Google Pay & Samsung Pay are accepted with approved integrated EMV Chip Readers.

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All For One Processing works!
Use the most powerful and FREE Gift & Loyalty system on the market to increase your average dollar per ticket and keep customers coming back.

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People still write checks and we still let you take them. Easily track drivers license numbers and even select who is able to pay by check. We can even let your staff know who not to take checks from.

Employee Features
That Matter

Employee silloette
Track employee clock-in/out times, payroll hours, overtime and more.
Track and report tips. Cash, credit card & gift cards.
11 levels of security. Employees only have the access they need.
Audit Tracking. Find out who changed or voided tickets after the fact.

Stay in control of your kitchen, barista station and more.

Keeping on top of orders can be hard. Let us make it easier.

Kitchen monitor system SelbySoft Kitchen printer

Our innovative and KDS (Kitchen Display Systems) and printer systems are designed specifically to help you increase volume while maintaining accuracy.

It's not just hardware

Man holding pizza out

Features for sending the order to your kitchen or barista are just as important. Our powerful printing modules allow you to control every part of the process.

With unlimited virtual tickets, you can specify exactly what needs to happen.

Have a smaller location? You can have a customer receipt, barista ticket and sandwich ticket print out of the same physical printer. Just three different slips.

A little more complicated? Have customer receipts and salads print at the POS ticket printer and then send pizza to the pizza printer and fry items to the fry printer. Three printers, four slips!

Scheduled Orders, Labels, Driver Tickets and More

kitchen printer

Catering and call ahead orders are easily tracked with our integrated Deferred Ordering System. Schedule those to print at a different time or day and know they will show up on the line when needed. Stop worrying about missing those big catering orders.

Working with deliveries? Quickly print delivery tickets or boxlabels that give all the information your driver needs.

Customize the look of your customer receipts and kitchen tickets. Print or display weights and recipes so your staff makes it right every time.

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Online Ordering Available
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Keep Track of Delivery and To-Go Orders

From order to delivery, we have you covered

Customer file in SelbySoft pos

Our integrated customer database will allow you to quickly duplicate past orders and move on to the next phone call.

To-Go or Pickup order? Quickly find the order based on name or phone number, check it was paid for and hand it over.

Delivery? Assign the order to the driver that is next up and get it out the door.

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Even more features. . .