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A shot of espresso being pulled

You spend a lot of time on your espresso.

Making sure every shot is pulled perfectly, dialing in equipment and staying on top of staff, it's amazing coffee shop owners have time for anything else.

We want to change that. Let us show you how a point of sale company that understands your business can help. When you purchase a SelbySoft system, we setup the entire menu for you. We want you to have a POS menu that works for your store and not a generic setup.

Our Zero Training POS will help

With an incredibly intuitive, simple interface, training times for new employees will drop dramatically. Pictures for your items make it easy for employees to quickly take orders.
Group size picture from SelbySoft Conversational Ordering, Forced Modifiers and Modifier groups help employees get all the upgrades and information needed so your barista can accurately make a drink every time.

Buffalo Espresso Drive Thru - Customer since 2008

Woman taking order at Buffalo Espresso

Pictures Make it Easy

Easy is better

Pictures help your employees find buttons faster than ever. We know that employees identify with pictures and prefer them over the plain text systems out there. Don't like them? It's your choice, we can always design a menu without them. It's all part of what we do.

Modifier screen with milks in SelbySoft POS Coffee has almost limitless options. Our screens are designed to make sense of sizes, specialty or signature drinks and modifiers. Coffee shops carry so many varieties of syrups, sauces and milks that it can be hard to keep track of. Our modifier categories allow you to track five, ten or even a hundred different modifiers per group!

Free Gift & Loyalty

That's right - FREE. The most powerful gift & loyalty system you can get. No hidden charges, just effective ways to help keep your customers coming back. With 20 year of experience in gift cards and tens of thousands of gift and loyalty transactions a day, you can be secure in knowing it works.

Associated Espresso Picture Associated Espresso - 5 Locations since 2015
Three loyalty methods are available to fit any need you might have. By visit, dollar amount or even a percent cash back are all there for you. Want advice? Tipping, split tender across gift cards?
We do it all.

We know coffee. . .

Picture of Mike Spence Judging Best New Product at Coffee Fest

Judging Best New Product at Coffee Fest

Coffee is different

And so are we. . .

Java Junkie Espresso

Drive Thru?
We have you covered

From a 70 ticket/day single side to a super busy 1,000 ticket/day double sided drive thru with a walk-up window, SelbySoft can handle it. See what makes us a perfect fit for drive thru.

Apexa POS Wall Mounted Wall mountable equipment to keep your limited counter space free for making drinks. No more worrying about employees dropping a drink on your POS.

Speed is everything. With our unique ordering features, you will take orders more accurately and faster than ever. Conversational Ordering, Modifier Categories and One-Touch QuickOrder buttons will allow you to move the line.

Hand with Line Busting Tablet with SelbySoft Sometimes you line backs up. With our innovative line busting tablet, take orders right at the customers car. Greet them and get the order sent off. The order is automatically sent to the barista monitor so it is waiting when the customer gets to the window.

“ I love how easy SelbySoft is to use, and it’s simple for staff training. The corporate options is awesome for staying on top of real time information and helps immensely with managing multiple locations. ”

—Rozy Raftis, Rozy's Hot Shotz
3 Locations since 2013

Rozy's Hot Shotz Espreso Inside

Cafe with Food?
We have you covered

Espresso and grab & go? Panini's? A ton of sandwiches and items made in house? We can do it. See how SelbySoft can help you be more efficient and cut mistakes.

Kitchen Display Monitor with SelbySoft Running Printers and KDS can help your kitchen know what to make. Get custom notifications when orders are taking too long and see at a glance what is going on.

Forced Modifiers help your staff get the order right. From asking what type of bread to making sure you asked for that extra shot of espresso for an up sell. Use these to help remind your employees what's important.

Duplicating an order in SelbySoft. Line Busting works for your counter or for phone specific orders. Use the integrated customer tracking system to automatically duplicate a customer's last order. Get accurate quote times so customers and staff know exactly how long the wait will be.

A picture of a coffee truck

Trucks, Kiosks, Carts?
We have you covered

Need something small? Easily moved around? We can do it. See how SelbySoft can be a perfect fit for these unique concepts. An all in one paypoint with SelbySoft

No connectivity? No problem. SelbySoft is designed to run without internet. The complete ordering system and gift & loyalty will continue to operate fully.

Man looking at cell phoneNo management on-site? Help cut down on theft with 11 levels of security and a complete audit trail will provide peace of mind.

Track sales on an hourly basis from wherever you are. MobileDash allows you to see total tickets, sales, labor and more. Get custom email alerts when voids and more happen. Stay on top of your business even if you can't be in it.

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Need other options?

SelbySoft has a full line of hardware and software to suit your needs.

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Screen with software code
Chip Read on credit card
Graph of reporting
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