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Powerful Gift & Loyalty System

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Reduce credit card fees with
Our FREE Gift & Loyalty system

Selling more gift & prepaid cards increases revenue and decreases costs. With zero swipe fees, you save money everytime a customer uses a gift card, instead of a credit card, to pay.
See how much you will save in credit card swipe fees by using an effective prepaid system.

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Average Savings

Per year with SelbySoft
Gift & Loyalty program


of all gift and prepaid cards are used in the first 60 days


or more will pay with a gift card


average amount loaded on gift cards


average dollar increase per ticket


more responsive to an up sell opportunity

Quickly Duplicate & Pay

Customers can register a gift card to speed up their transaction. Easily pull up their last order and duplicate it. Once a card is registered with the customer, they can use that to pay at any time.

No more searching cars and pockets for their card.

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Loyalty Customers Love

Three different ways to keep customers coming back

Points by Purchase

Latte in paper cup

Buy 10 Get 1 Free

The most common loyalty program out there. Customers get a point and after 10 get a free drink or discount. Set whatever limits you like. Double point days, extra points by size, exclude certain categories or sizes easily.

Points by Dollar

Hand holding paper money

Every Dollar is a Point

Instead of rewarding by visits, encourage spending. Customers earn a point per dollar spent. Reward your customers that spend the most. Works across multiple items and is perfect for offering it on all items.

Percent Cash Back

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Cash Back to the Gift Card

A very powerful method. Customers earn 7% or 10% cash back on their prepaid or gift card. This keeps them coming back to spend more next visit. Set the percentage by menu category.

Loyalty Works

“ The gift & loyalty system is huge. It's really helped reduce our credit card swipe fees. 25% of our customers now pay with a prepaid card and we up sell more than ever! ”

— Ryan Woods, The Daily Grind
4 Locations since 2002

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