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Two All In One POS with SelbySoft

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SelbySoft Point of Sale

Latest Features

We continually update our features based on customer suggestions and needs that are not met in the marketplace. We know that coffee & pizza are unique businesses with exclusive needs. Over the last 25+ years, we have added features - A LOT OF FEATURES.

Zero Training Ordering

  • Order Entry - Thousands of picture choices to make ordering easy
  • Zero Training interface - The easiest order screen possible
  • Online Ordering - Order online
  • Active Ticket Technology - Change orders on the fly
  • Unlimited Menu - Over 10,000 menu groups allowed
  • Unlimited Ticket History - Track every order a customer has placed
  • Forced Modifiers - Force employees to ask for add on items, type of crust etc.
  • 5 Custom Tax Rates - Track tax by order type
  • Canadian Tax Options - GST/PST
  • Ability to run a tab - Same day or bill them

FREE Gift & Loyalty System

  • Free - Zero fees or swipe charges for gift or loyalty usage
  • Rewards - Buy 10 Get 1 Free
  • Rewards - Every $1 spent is a point
  • Rewards - Percentage cash back on prepaid card
  • Gift Card Tracking and VIP Features - Offer specials discounts when using your card
  • Multiple Tender Types - Pay with a combination of cash, 5 credit cards, 5 gift cards and more

Employee & Theft Controls

  • Audit Features - Track voids, edited tickets and more
  • Theft Control Systems - Track employee tickets and voids
  • Employee Tip Tracking - Tips are tracked and reported on if needed
  • Eleven Levels of Security - Assign security to multiple features
  • Shift Closes - Up to 10 shift closes a day
  • Over/Under - Reporting on cash shortages
  • Multiple wage classes for employees - Track how much you spend on kitchen vs cashiers
  • Salary and hourly tracking - Track salaried employees as well
  • Manager/Employee email - Internal email with code based receipts
  • Employee Codes/Cards - Use swipe cards or codes for time clock

Kitchen Management

  • KDS (Kitchen Display System) - Show the kitchen & barista staff orders on the fly
  • Barista & Kitchen Printers - Print to multiple printers in the kitchen
  • Group Printing - Select what menu items get printed/displayed where
  • Unlimited Printers - Multiple physical & virtual printers supported

Customer Tracking

  • Customer Database - Unlimited customer accounts
  • Email Tracking - Ten emails per customer
  • Phone Lookup -Ten phone numbers per customer
  • Multiple Search Types - Search by name, phone number, address and gift card
  • Taxable / Non-taxable Designation - Setup taxable status by customer
  • Customer Specific Discounts - Discounts per customer profile


  • Driver Re-imbursement - Multiple methods including by ticket, item, percent and more
  • Delivery Fees - By item, ticket and more
  • Street Authorization - Limit and charge deliveries based on street delivered to
  • Driver Routing - Track drivers and route orders
  • Driver Drops - Record drops of cash
  • Driver Banks - Record starting bank
  • Easy Driver Recap - Close our driver shifts quickly

Menu & Pricing

  • Flexible Pricing - Sliding Scale
  • Automatic Happy Hour - Prices automatically switch at the appropriate time
  • Day and Time Pricing - Pricing dependant of the day of the week or time up to nine times per day
  • Half, Quarters, Thirds - Pricing for split pizza types
  • Specialty - Receipie based specialty items
  • Modifier Pricing - Multiple methods of pricing modifiers


  • Inventory Control - Track waste, variances, and more
  • Instant Food & Labor Cost - Cost of Goods sold and labor available anytime
  • Revenue Reports - Track shift closes, end of day totals and more
  • Hourly Reports - See how products are doing by the hour
  • Driver Reports - See where your drivers are and how long their deliveries take
  • Employee Reports - Scheduling and payroll reports
  • Marketing Mailing - Export data for mailing labels
  • Email Marketing - Export data for email marketing
  • Corporate Reporting - Options for multiple locations
  • MobileDash reporting - Hourly updates to your phone. Optional feature
  • Hands-Free Marketing - Send marketing emails to new & lazy customers as well as birthday reminders

Table Service

  • Table Service - 100 seats per table
  • Moving Seats Between Tables - Up to 26 separate checks
  • Easily Split Checks - Split menu items across checks as well

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