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October 2020

SelbySoft exhibited at the 2nd Coffee Fest To-Go Virtual Trade show. This was a fantastic show that connected attendees with exhibitors during the global pandemic.

August 2020

Mike Spence, the President of SelbySoft, held a webinar on "Barista & Kitchen Monitor Efficiency with SelbySoft" This webinar addressed the different ways that kitchen and barista stations can receive orders. and what to avoid.

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SelbySoft KDS monitor
Coffee Fest To Go Logo

August 2020

SelbySoft attended the first ever Virtual Coffee Fest To Go trade show! This was an event that ran August 26 & 27th. As a Coffee Fest Hall of Fame member, we were excited to see how this new format worked. People still crave a need for education.

August 2020

Mike Spence, President of SelbySoft, along with two other industry leaders, held a webinar on "Mobile Ordering & POS Innovation". This focused on ways to help increase revenue during the global pandemic.

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Image of Mike Spence and two other people in a zoom call.
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July 2020

Mike Spence, President of SelbySoft, hosted a "30 Minutes with Gift & Prepaid" webinar. This explored the various methods of gift & prepaid card systems. Included were marketing tips, things to look for and what to avoid.

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