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Barista & Kitchen Monitors

Let us help you become more efficient than ever . . .

Kitchen & Barista Monitor

Better Communication

Send the right orders to the right place

Take complete control of your orders. Show only what you want, where you want. SelbySoft KDS allow you to fine tune what is happening. Set it up and forget it. Your barista sees the drinks and the kitchen sees the food!

No more yelling orders out or writing them down. No more messy handwriting or tickets that drop off the line.

Be efficient and stop the costly mistakes.

Live Tickets
Barista and kitchen staff see the order as it is placed

Orders by type

Expedite by order type

Organize your KDS by order type and quickly move tickets. Drive thru backing up? You will see it instantly. With a KDS from SelbySoft, you will be able to quickly prioritize orders as they come in. SelbySoft can help you get control back.

Get your food and drinks out when it matters the most.

Speed up the order process.

Even more features. . .

Timers 25:22 to alert staff to order times
Additions, Subtractions & Comments are all highligted
Weights for easy portion control

Prefer printed orders?

We have you covered for every situation

  • Specify what items print to each printer
  • Setup what order types print to each printer
  • Print multiple virtual tickets from any printer
  • Delay ticket to print at a later time
  • Highlight additions, subtractions and more
  • Print recipes and portion weights
  • Buzzer additions to alert the kitchen
  • Plain and thermal paper offerings
  • Multiple printer types supported at the same time
  • Customize printing on kitchen and receipt printers
  • Sticky paper on product items

    Kitchen Printers

    One or more kitchen printers can help you organize the kitchen. Use one for the barista station and another for food. Available in number of interfaces and can be placed virtually anywhere in your shop. They can even be wall mounted to stay off the counter.

    Sticky paper on product items

    Sticky Printers

    Sticky Paper printers use a liner less paper that will stick to boxes and bags with no residue. This paper does not need to be peeled off like a label would.

    Sticky paper on product items

    Boxlabel Printers

    Boxlabels are perfect for high volume delivery & carry-out orders. Keep track of pizza boxes or other items. All the information you need is printed on the label.

    Putting a KDS in was the best thing I've done. My kitchen runs faster than ever and we have less customer complaints about food.

    —Kyle Garret, Paradise Pie
    Customer since 2015

    SelbySoft has a complete line of software and hardware to fit your needs

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