February 9th, 2016 by Mike Spence

I thought it would be fun to share a few tips to maximize your experience with SP-1 by SelbySoft.


  1. Optimize your cafe pos menu.  If you have had SelbySoft for a while, you have probably made some menu changes on your own.  Do you sometimes think that the menu is “too complicate”?  Do you hear yourself saying, “I wish it were easier”?  If so, we probably need to look at how your menu is laid out.  While we love customers that take things into their own hands, sometimes you may add items and not be 100% certain of how to do it.  These small menu updates that are not done correctly wind up being a big mess in some cases.   Let our experts help you revise and correct your menu.  It will really enhance your ordering experience.
  2. Call and check for current updates.  We are constantly improving our point of sale system.  Take advantage of these updates and see what you might be missing.  Are you using our scheduling or credit card fee updates?  What about the changes made to the barista monitors?
  3. Add a free trial of MobileDash.  If you are out of the shop on a regular basis, try signing up for this.  Hourly emails to let you know exactly what is happening when you are not there.


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April 17th, 2014 by Mike Spence


Do you use our MobileDash reporting system?  If so, you may have noticed some additional functionality that has been added in the last couple of months.   MobileDash allows you to receive hourly emails and alerts directly to any device that can accept an email.

Recently, we added the ability to see:

  • Voids – Quantity and dollar amount.
  • Gift Card Sales – Total dollar amount of gift cards sold.
  • Discounts – Total quantity and dollar amount of each discount.
  • Coupons – Total quantity and dollar amount of each coupon.
  • Combined  (D+C) – Combined total quantity and dollar amount of coupons and discounts.

Store Detail


SN|                      1000

Store Name|    Your Coffee Shop

Reported|          16:02 on 3/25/2014

Total Tickets|          143

Total Sales|              801.65

Total Voids|(  3)         7.35

Avg.$/Ticket|             4.21

Gift Card Sales|        141.54

Labor|                          112.00

Labor to Sales|          33.00%

COG Sold|                  134.00

COG to Sales|             24.00%

Discounts|(  1)               2.20

Coupons|( 17)              69.74

Comb. (D+C)|( 18)     53.94


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August 8th, 2013 by Mike Spence

It’s been a while since we showed off the MobileDash reporting  that SP-1 by SelbySoft is capable of.  MobileDash is one of the remote reporting options that we have available for customers of our SP-1 point of sale system.  This option is $10/month or included with our Corporate Reporting and Enterprise options.

What can MobileDash do for you?  Simple. . . Provide on the fly and hourly reporting to your email or cell phone.   This is a great tool for staying on top of what is happening  in the store, especially if you are not working the store on a regular basis.  Even better, MobileDash comes with MobileAlerts to notify you of potential theft and other situations.   Since we allow multiple email addresses to be added, you can even have your coffee shop manager or restaurant manager receive the alerts!


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February 21st, 2013 by Mike Spence

Do you have multiple locations?  We all know that moving from store one to store 2 or 20 can be tough.  You simply cannot be two places at once!

Maybe you only have one location but have quite a bit of distance to travel.

If either of these situations seem familiar, then our Corporate Reporting option is what you are looking for.

Our Corporate Reporting option is a great way to stay on top of multiple locations.  The Corporate Reporting software will allow you to review reporting from any of the locations that are active right from your home, laptop or office. Once this is setup, the store locations will automatically transmit the sales information from the store to the corporate software.  On the corporate side you can see any reporting information from the previous day back to the first day you used SP-1.    This gives you the ability to manage the reporting for your business without having to interrupt the location.

This software package also allows you to handle multi-location gift and loyalty for free.  With this option, you can seamlessly share, in real time, gift and loyalty cards between locations.

Finally our MobileDash and MobileAlerts systems are included with the purchase of the Corporate Reporting software.  MobileDash allows you to receive hourly email updates from your store locations.  MobileAlerts will send real-time alerts from the store when tickets are voided, audit triggers are met, employees clock in and more.

Need more?  Call and ask us about our Full Corporate package and Enterprise options.

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July 20th, 2012 by Mike Spence


Our MobileDash system has been around for a couple of years now but there are still some of our customers that have yet to experience it.

MobileDash allows you to receive hourly sales updates through email on your phone, tablet or desktop.  These updates are sent directly from the store to you.  Your employees at the store level don’t even need to know that you can receive this reporting.   That helps you stay on top of things.

New to 2012 is a column that shows the report from the last hour reported on.  See the example below for some details.

Remember that MobileDash comes with MobileAlerts as well.   MobileAlerts provides you with:

Notification on employee clock in.

Alerts if a ticket is voided.

Alerts if a no sale is performed.

Audit reports if an employee attempts to alter a previous ticket.


By the way, call us for a free 45 day trial of MobileDash if you are not already using it!

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March 24th, 2011 by ssadmin

Thinking about our MobileDash Options?  You haven’t seen anything yet! 

This new technology allows SP-1 to remotely communicate with you via email on a constant basis.

We started with being able to show you your:
Tostal tickets
Total sales
Average dollar per ticket
Total labor dollars
Labor percent
Total cost of goods
Total cost of goods percent

We then give you menu group breakdowns with totals!  This all is emailed to you on an hourly basis so you are completely in control of what is going on in your store. 

While all of this us pretty cool we decided that it could not stop there.  All of this was just the beginning of the reporting you receive from us.

MobileDash has been enhanced to provide new features as well! 

VoidTrack– Ticket voided?  You get an email!

TheftAlert– If an employee enters 911 as the password for no sale – you get an email alerting you to a potential robbery!

AuditTrack – When a void does happen you need to know what is happening. Audit track will show you what was voided who did it and when.

TimeManager– an employee clocks in? You get an email!

Nosale– No sale occurs? You get an email!

EmployeeMail. Are you familiar with our ecomm messaging system?  This takes it a step further so that your ecomms are automatically emailed to your employees

Do you use twitter ?  How would you you like to tweet specials from SP-1?  We have added this feature so that you can tweet specials directly from the system!

Don’t think this is the end of this type of development….Keep checking with us for cool options to come!

Contact us at:
Mike Spence
8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

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November 9th, 2010 by ssadmin

Want to see your sales numbers on a regular basis?  

MobileDash is your answer!

SelbySoft has a new service that will allow you to receive an email once an hour with your total sales, labor, cogs etc.  Additionally, we will send the Menu Group breakdown to that same email.

This is one of the most effective ways to stay on top of what’s happening in your locations!

This service is only $60 per location or FREE for customers that have our Corporate Reporting Package.

Contact us at:
Mike Spence
8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

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