New MobileDash Features from SelbySoft


Do you use our MobileDash reporting system?  If so, you may have noticed some additional functionality that has been added in the last couple of months.   MobileDash allows you to receive hourly emails and alerts directly to any device that can accept an email.

Recently, we added the ability to see:

  • Voids – Quantity and dollar amount.
  • Gift Card Sales – Total dollar amount of gift cards sold.
  • Discounts – Total quantity and dollar amount of each discount.
  • Coupons – Total quantity and dollar amount of each coupon.
  • Combined  (D+C) – Combined total quantity and dollar amount of coupons and discounts.

Store Detail


SN|                      1000

Store Name|    Your Coffee Shop

Reported|          16:02 on 3/25/2014

Total Tickets|          143

Total Sales|              801.65

Total Voids|(  3)         7.35

Avg.$/Ticket|             4.21

Gift Card Sales|        141.54

Labor|                          112.00

Labor to Sales|          33.00%

COG Sold|                  134.00

COG to Sales|             24.00%

Discounts|(  1)               2.20

Coupons|( 17)              69.74

Comb. (D+C)|( 18)     53.94


April 17th, 2014 by