March 5th, 2015 by Mike Spence
Do you sell gift cards to your customers?  I’m not asking if you carry gift cards in the store but if you sell them.  Here are some mistakes that can hinder your gift card program.
  • Marketing:   Don’t just put cards in an on the counter rack and expect them to sell.  What are you doing to promote your cards?
  • Training Staff: Does everyone on your staff know how gift cards work?  Do they know the details of how to sell and redeem a card?  What about refund policies on cards, promotions or redeeming multiple cards at once?  Get your staff on the same page.
  • Gift Certificates:  Please, just stop selling gift certificates.  They are difficult to use, a hassle for customers and leave you vulnerable to theft.  Punch card
  • Timing:  Do you have certain times of the year when gift cards really move (think December)?  You should be moving them all year!
 Any others that you have experienced?

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