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After writing this post on Customer Comments, I thought about some situations where a Miscellaneous Charge might be a better choice.   As a recap, last blog I talked about how a store can use our Customer Comments feature to handle unusual situations.  Those instances where a customer asks for something that is not on the menu or wants their item prepared a special way.

Miscellaneous Charge can be used in a similar way but has the advantage of being able to charge for the service.  For example:

  • A customer wants a sleeve of cups – no coffee, just cups.
  • Someone wants a to go container of ground beef for their dog.
  • A customer wants a small cup with milk to mix with their latte.
These are all situations where you might accommodate the situation but charge a surcharge for doing so.    Miscellaneous Charge is the perfect button for this.  When you select Miscellaneous Charge in SP-1, you can select the description, quantity and amount for the transaction.
As with the Customer Comments, SP-1 has reporting capabilities to help you run historical reports on Miscellaneous Charge transactions.

Miscellaneous Charge Excample



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December 7th, 2010 by ssadmin
Miscellaneous Charge
Do you ever run into into situations where you need to charge someone but don’t have a menu item programmed?
SP-1 has a Miscellaneous Charge button that allows you to handle this!  In Order Entry, select the Miscellaneous Charge button and the above screen pops up.

You can change the description on the fly so it reflects what was added as a charge.  Enter the amount and you are done.
As usual, there are many other options involved with this:
  •  In System Setup | Operations:3 you can default the description of the Miscellaneous Charge to something other than “Misc. Charge”.  You can even setup if tax should be added to this based on the order type (Delivery, Dine In, Carry Out, Pick Up). 
  • You can also decide if discounts will apply to Miscellaneous Charges.  This can be setup in Master Files | Discounts. 
  • Of course we report on all of this as well!  Miscellaneous charges are reported in detail in Reports | Daily Sales | Business Summary.   If you want to get more specific, you can run the Reports | Ticket History | Misc. Charge report (shown below).  

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