Miscellaneous Charge

After writing this post on Customer Comments, I thought about some situations where a Miscellaneous Charge might be a better choice.   As a recap, last blog I talked about how a store can use our Customer Comments feature to handle unusual situations.  Those instances where a customer asks for something that is not on the menu or wants their item prepared a special way.

Miscellaneous Charge can be used in a similar way but has the advantage of being able to charge for the service.  For example:

  • A customer wants a sleeve of cups – no coffee, just cups.
  • Someone wants a to go container of ground beef for their dog.
  • A customer wants a small cup with milk to mix with their latte.
These are all situations where you might accommodate the situation but charge a surcharge for doing so.    Miscellaneous Charge is the perfect button for this.  When you select Miscellaneous Charge in SP-1, you can select the description, quantity and amount for the transaction.
As with the Customer Comments, SP-1 has reporting capabilities to help you run historical reports on Miscellaneous Charge transactions.

Miscellaneous Charge Excample



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