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Where should you put your equipment?

We work with a lot of people just starting out. I personally get a chance to talk with entrepreneurs on a regular basis and it is exciting. When you open a coffee or pizza location, placement of the point of sale is not first and foremost on your mind. It should be an important consideration!

Here are a few equipment considerations when opening a coffee or pizza shop.

Point of Sale Terminals. You have to have a place to take the order after all. Don't just drop it somewhere on the counter however. Give it some thought as to where it should be placed and what it will be used for.

1. Phone stations - Mount them on the wall! Get it off the counter and save that room for notes, product or whatever else you need.

2. Drive Thru - Be sure to mount these as well. Think about which way the car will be coming and how the barista will be standing. You don’t want to present the back of the barista to the car. Additionally, mounting the POS for the drive thru coffee location provides the ability to change the angle and height. The sun beating down on your POS can really change the readability of that screen.

3. Counter - Don't be afraid to mount the point of sale here as well. I know it seems like a common theme but it is important. The front counter can have the POS mounted on a pole so the counter top is clean. In a café, we want to have the personal connection with the customer. Get the POS out of the line of sight and mount it just to the right of the counter. It's still easily accessible but far more attractive.

While we are on this subject, don't forget to leave space for your cash drawer under the counter. No reason to have that sitting up top right??!


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