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Restarting Menu on POS

Restarting your POS

Bonus blog here for February. My support department thought it would good to address a common question regarding hardware. We are often asked about resetting the point of sale station. Should you do it everyday? Weekly? Not at all?

Why restart your computer at all? A hard reset of your POS does all sorts of good for the operating system that runs your POS. It's good to let the machine power down and in order for it to clear out memory space, close up files that may have been left open and more. Think of it as a refreshing nap for the POS. Here at SelbySoft we suggest you make it part of either the opening or closing shift tasks. Opening makes the most sense as the staff is not in a rush to leave. When done this way, we know that it is most likely to get done and not forgotten. If you feel more comfortable making it part of the weekly checklist, go for it.

- SelbySoft Support

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