3 Unique Ways to Use Forced Modifiers

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Forced Modifiers in SelbySoft POS

Forced Modifiers for the win!

Forced Modifiers are a common option for point of sale options. I won't pretend we are the first to have them. I think that we may be one of the first to have customers use them in ways that most POS systems don't think about.
I'm sure you are familiar with how they work. Employee rings up an item and is then prompted with an up sell option like extra cheese or add shots.

Where we are different is in the implementation. For coffee & pizza shops, these don't always have to be up sells. Here are 3 three alternate ways to make forced modifiers work for you:

1. Customer education - Make sure that customers know what options you have. That could be a custom choice of bread, type of crust or even which blend or single origin coffee they should choose. Get the staff to recommend and ask what the customer wants.

2. Voting - NOT political. Have a new menu item coming out or idea for a drink? Have a simple forced modifier that prompts employees to ask the customer what they would like to see. You can then track how many times that was voted on! Put those results on blackboard in the shop and update daily. It's a great way to generate excitement. See our video on how this works below.

3. Employee checklists. Create a checklist Menu group with closing and opening tasks. These can then be made forced modifiers to have the employee physically click that they did the job. They can then print that ticket and use it as verification.

Out of the box? Sure? Useful? Absolutely. Give us a call and let us know how you use forced modifiers in your coffee or pizza shop.

See it in action here!


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