Thermal or Plain Paper printers?

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Thermal Printers

Thermal or Paper Printers?

The other day we were asked by one of our pizza customers if it was a good idea to use thermal paper in the kitchen. It's a great question that makes you think. I mean the typical answer has always been a resounding no. Thermal paper can't stand the heat and can turn black when exposed to too much heat. That being said, we have seen many of our customers use a thermal printer in the kitchen instead of plain paper printers. Why?

Speed - Thermal prints faster. Does that really matter in the kitchen though?

Noise - Good and bad. Thermal paper printers are much quieter than their impact printer counterparts. The downside to this is that it can be harder to hear that an order just came in. Now, there are integrated bells & buzzers for thermal printers to overcome that.

Cost - Thermal printers cost less. While the paper supply is slightly higher, it is offset by the cost of ribbons for impact printers.

Convenience - There is a lot to be said for having to only stock one type of paper instead of two. Buying in bulk will help reduce costs.

Heat - Our experience has shown that as long as the paper is not directly under heat lamps or on top of ovens for an extended timeframe, the paper holds up. Readability - Plain paper has an advantage in that it does not smudge as easily and with ribbons, can print in both black and red. Thermal can simulate this by printing a white on black text.

Options - Thermal can come in a special version with a sticky back. That makes it great for attaching to boxes, bags and cups.

That's a lot of thought on thermal printers! -Mike

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