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Market with Social Media

I talk to a lot of small business owners. We all have the same problem - after a long day of doing our primary job (phones, orders, customer interaction, plumbing, cleaning, employees, taxes, bills and more), we go home and decide to spend the remaining hours working on marketing. Just kidding, we decide to get a couple hours of sleep!

We should be marketing better though. Here is a method with social media that seems to work for us and our customers. Facebook and social media. There is a tendency to just get on social media and post. A far better method, and one that I personally use, is to carve out a couple hours and pre-setup all of your posts for the next 60 days (or more if you feel ambitious). That doesn't stop you from posting a spur of the moment deal. It does however, make sure that you keep a consistent message going. I suggest you sit down with Excel or Google Sheets and just outline what you plan to post. For example:

Mon - Latte Art picture - Check out this great looking latte by Sam! Come in and see what she pours for you.
Wed - $1.00 off - Halfway through the week! Mention that you saw this slice of pizza on Facebook and get $1.00 off any menu item.
Fri - The weekend is here! Have a great relaxing day. Post picture of beach.
Mon - Picture of barista with energy drink. Time to get ready to tackle your work. Get $.50 off any 16oz energy drink from 2 to 4pm today!

Once you have those setup, it's just a matter of scheduling them in your social media sites. Remember - pictures are super important.

Need some picture inspiration? Check out Pexels.com and Pixabay.com both have many pictures with a creative commons license. These are great to use for your social posts on top of your own pictures.


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