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Custom Ticket Quote Time

Quote Times & Speed of Service

The pandemic of 2020 brought a number of changes to the way we do business in the Coffee & Pizza markets. A big change was how speed of service is affected with phone & to go orders. Tracking those orders has become important in the way we communicate with customers. Order Processing and Quote timing is a great way to increase that speed.

Order Processing is a system where your employees mark what items they have finished. This allows you to get an accurate picture of how long it takes from Ticket Completion to the product being ready to go. With this in place, you will be able to give accurate times to your customers. Based on criteria you set, your employees will see the current time it takes to finish an order. These quote times are incredibly valuable as they help you gauge workflow and more. Cups of coffee in trashcan One of the best features is the reporting. SelbySoft will show you, by the hour and half hour as well as by the Menu Group category, a ton of information. See what your average quote times were, average make times, your orders that took too long and most importantly - the orders that took longer than you said they would.

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