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discounts in SelbySoft

Discounting is a way of life in restaurants. . .

At SelbySoft we see all kinds of specials, promotions, bundles and more.
What I wanted to talk about today was how to use them to track and measure your effectiveness. Our pizza and coffee point of sale system has the ability to create unlimited discounts. Each of these discounts can be named and tracked individually.

This is important. We want you to know what is and is not working. Instead of just posting a discount on Facebook and then using a manual dollar off button, setup a custom discount for that promotion.
Something like, "$1.00 Off FB". This allows you to track specifically how many times that promotion was used.

discount report Reporting will then break down the effectiveness of your discounts over a timeframe. We will show you totals, quantity and even the percent of your total discounts over that time. Use this to make sure that your discounts are actually working.


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