4 Reasons to use EMV Chip Readers

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EMV Chip Reader

Why you need to use an EMV.

Still not using EMV chip readers in your store? Let's break down some of the reasons to change that.
Ease of use - Chip readers themselves haven't changed much since they became a mandate back in 2015. Customers have adapted however. If someone is stuck on the reader, other customers often assume it is the person in front of them and not the store that is slow. Where they do excel is in walking the customer through the transaction.

Tips - We have seen that tips increase in stores that are using the chip readers. The customer inputs that tip right on the reader. This helps eliminate the paper and signature. Additionally, upgrading to a larger unit with tip prompts can really help get things rolling.

Reporting - With integrated chip readers, you can be sure that the totals you are recording are correct. The employees no longer have to enter totals.

Security - This is a big piece. If you are not using EMV chip readers, you are not PCI compliant. If you have a breech, you can be liable for any fraud. While this is a small concern with your SelbySoft system as we don't track or store credit card information, it is a concern. With an EMV reader, you can rest assured that your customer transactions are secure.


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