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Let us help you be more efficient.

SP-1 for Coffee was designed to help you get the most out of your store. We know that we can not only make you more efficient but increase your return on investment as well.

Once you install SP-1 for Coffee, you will see the following:

SelbySoft Order Screen
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Zero Training

SP-1 is the most intuitive Point of Sale system you will ever use. A great point of sale will allow your employees to focus on the customer and the product - not the technology. With our zero training system, you will be amazed at how fast employees catch on.

It all starts with the pictures. Employees can quickly recognize the different sizes, drinks and modifications. Don't want to have a picture on every button? Feel free to color code the buttons instead.

Ever have to stop a customer to clarify the size? Our F.A.S.T. ordering system will allow your employees to touch the buttons as the customer orders. Soy, Vanilla, Latte? No problem, simply touch the buttons as the customer speaks and then ask for the size.

Imagine hiring an employee in the morning and having them be productive the same day. Only SP-1 for Coffee can make this a reality.

It's more than that though. Color coded modifiers allow you to organize your milks, syrups and suger free offerings. Quickly & easily switch between groups or drinks using Active Ticket Technology.

SP-1 for Coffee will keep your employees on the same order screens througout the day and stop them from bouncing around. Our team will setup the menu for you. From simple third wave espresso bars to full blown cafes with food, SP-1 for Coffee can handle your menu. While some systems will limit you to a certain number of items per page, our system will allow you to have 10,000 items per group!

Go ahead, setup a demonstration and try it for yourself!

FREE gift & loyalty

Free gift & loyalty systems.

The gift & loyalty systems in SP-1 for Coffee is the most powerful in the coffee industry.

It's that simple, zero, zip, nada. Zero swipe charges, zero monthly fees for you to take gift and rewards. With SP-1 for Coffee you will use these gift cards to increase your customer loyalty, add to your average dollar per ticket and make more money.

These gift cards can be used as a gift, prepaid, customer loyalty and a customer profile card. One card can do all of this!

  • Gift Card - Quickly sell a card for custom or pre-determined amounts. Purchase any item with a gift card.
  • Pre-Paid Card - Customers can re-load the card at any time. Even in the middle of an order.
  • Buy 10 Get 1 Free - Or any variation on that. Stop using paper punch cards!
  • Every Dollar is a Point - Base rewards on dollars spent and not quantity. Setup $35 spent earns a drink!
  • % Cash Back - Instead of rewarding free drinks, give your customers 5% or 10% back on their gift card with each order. Encourage them to reload!
  • Customer Profile Card - Assign the card to a customer and name or phone number and track their previous orders.

Free gift & loyalty systems. "Hi Sandy, you want your usual? No problem, that's a 16oz Smore with an extra shot and whip cream right? Put it on your pre-paid card? Have a great day! "

It's really that simple. Assign the card to a customer profile and quickly duplicate their order and pay for it with the card on file!

We handle all the features, sell multiple gift cards in a single transaction, pay for an order with up to five cards at a time, combine multiple cards into one transaction and more. The rewards system will stop employees from double punching customer cards; and we have theft audit tracking capabilities, as well.

SelbySoft Forced Modifier Brew Choice.

SelbySoft Forced Modifier Sandwich

Forced Modifiers

Accuracy & Up-Sell

Forced modifiers can make you more accurate and make you more money. We are not talking about the 20 questions that McDonalds seems to ask with every order but the specific,intelligent up sell that SP-1 for Coffee can help you with. When your employee takes an order, we want them to be prompted to ask specific question. Asking for an extra shot of espresso is a simple method to add $.50 to your ticket price.

Do the math: At 150 drinks a day, a 5% up sell of $.50 is $1,368.75 a year!
It's not just up selling though. Forced modifiers can help your employees educate customers on products and increasing order accuracy.

Have a brew bar? Use forced modifiers to ask what blend or single origin and what brew method to use.

Sandwiches? Ask what type of bread is needed.

Salads? What dressing is needed?

Forced modifiers can make sure your kitchen staff and baristas have all the information needed to get it right the first time! See our blog for more!

Active Ticket Technology

SelbySoft Ticket. "I'll have a 16oz vanilla latte and a blueberry muffin. Oh, wait, can you make that a 20oz and use soy milk?"

Happens all the time doesn't it? With Active Ticket Technology, you never need to void the order and start over. Simply touch the item on the ticket, and make the changes. It's that easy.

Make pricing mistakes a thing of the past! How often is your customer charged the wrong price? We all know that it happens, but it shouldn't. Your customers are tired of inconsistent prices and so are your employees. SP-1 for Coffee will set the pricing for the employee.

Happy hour pricing? We handle it. Different prices based on the type of size, milk, modifier? We handle it. Your customers will not be under or over charged!

"Are there onions on that sandwich? What's in a Mocha Turtle?"

Do your employees (especially new ones) stumble over questions like these? Do they guess? Yell out to the barista or kitchen? SP-1 for coffee will help eliminate these common mistakes with our innovative ticket display. When an employee rings in an order, they instantly see the breakdown of the specialty drink or food item. This makes your employees more knowledable about your products and the store.

We have ways to help your baristas and kitchen staff as well. Stop doing double work by writing on cups and start using remote printers or monitors to show what needs to be made.

SelbySoft Barista MonitorSelbySoft Make Ticket

Barista Monitors & printers

Stop doing double work by writing on cups and incorrectly calling out orders. A barista monitor or ticket can tell your staff exactly what to make. With integrated inventory control, show your staff the portions that make up each item.

Barista monitors allow you to see the customer name, up to 10 orders at a time and how long each order has been on the screen. We even track the average time it takes your employees to finish an orders! Barista monitors can be set by menu item or order type.

In those slow times, you can even have SP-1 for Coffee display a to do list on the monitor for your employees to follow.

Your baristas will love knowing how many lattes they have coming up!
Some people prefer tickets. SP-1 is fully configurable with these as well. Kitchen or barista tickets can print out of the same receipt printer your customer tickets do. Or, you can can have multiple make printers. Quickly designate what items go to which printer.

Want more functionality? We even offer "sticky" receipt paper printers that allow you to stick the order right on the cup!

Stop employee theft

SelbySoft Employee Ticket Audit It happens to everyone. You get that sinking feeling when you catch an employee stealing. SP-1 for Coffee will help stop that before it starts. Have you ever wondered. . .

• What time did Bob really clock in this morning.
• Which employee really took that order?
• Was that reward card double punched?
• Why are we short all the time?
• Should there really be that many voids?

SP-1 for Coffee has audit tracking systems to answer these questions and more. Employee scheduling and time clock capabilities will make sure your employees clock in on time (not a 1/2 hour early) and help you track who is doing what and when.

Do the math: Two employees clocking in 15 minutes early for four shifts a week adds up to $1,040 a year at $10/hr.

SelbySoft Fingerprint ID

Four digit codes with secure passwords, swipe cards or even fingerprint ID systems will allow you to know who is on the clock. Buddy Punching (employees clocking each other in) will stop.

These features also let employees clock in with multiple job and wage classes, keep track of tips and send custom messages to your employees! SP-1 for Coffee even has integrated payroll reporting and an optional ADP payroll interface. It's more than just keeping track of time keeping though.

We can give you the ability to have a complete and comprehensive suite of tools to identify potential theft and abuse, and put a stop to it. Every ticket in SP-1 for Coffee is tracked. If a void happens, we show you the before and after picture. Better yet, our audit system tracks customer rewards and employee clock in's as well. Eleven levels of security will make sure that only appropriate employees see sensitive information. That also will eliminate the typical voids as only the employee that has access can void items.

Cash shortages? Keep your employees accountable by assigning employees to a cash drawer and lock down access to the drawer during the shift (10 per day). Multiple people need access to the drawer? SP-1 for Coffee allows you to install up to five cash drawers per workstation. See our blog for more! SelbySoft Cash Drawer

Everything is tracked. Voids? See if an employee needs re-training or if they are stealing, by tracking voids by employee. Discounts? Same thing - see how much each employee is discounting. Our comprehensive reporting will show you all of this and more.

Are you tracking inventory? Using SP-1 for Coffee you can see what you should have used against what you actually used. By item, sub category and category. This will cut down on deliberate and accidental waste. See our blog for more!

SelbySoft DashBoard Report
SelbySoft DashBoard Totals

Track everything

It can be hard to run a business. SP-1 for Coffe can make this easier. After all, data is only good if you can understand it.

Use the couple hundred integrated reports to track the following and more:
• Menu groups - Coffee vs Pastries vs Smoothies
• Sizes & Sub Categories - 12oz vs 16oz or Bagels vs Cookies
• Specialties - Latte vs Mocha
• Modifiers - Whole Milk vs Soy Milk

SP-1 for Coffee can show you a breakdown by quantity and dollar amount. Because of the database technology we used, this can be ran for any timeframe. You will not only know your pumpkin spice latte sales for this year but for any time frame you want.

Every discount, promotion, and special over any timeframe. Track how well that Facebook special or senior citizen discount is doing. Want to see the data in a new way? Export it and create your own reports in Excel.

That's just the tip of the iceberg with SP-1 for Coffee. Business reporting that allows you to calculate sales, tax (5 levels), paid outs, and more is all included.

Just want a quick overview? Use our integrated Dashboard to quickly see numbers at anytime.

We even have a Quickbooks interface!

Hands free marketing

We know you don't have a lot of time left over at the end of the day. Let SP-1 for Coffee help you make more money with our integrated Hands Free Marketing system.

We know that there are a ton of $150 - $200 a month marketing programs that will do everything under the sun.

Most coffee shops can't justify the cost against the return based on monthly sales. This thought and feedback from our customers convinced us to do it better and cheaper.

Hands-Free Marketing is an option ($10/month) that is perfect for the small business that wants to market but can't spend the time or money to do it themselves.

With this option, SelbySoft will automatically email your customers when:
• A new customer signs up - They receive your welcome message.
• A customer has not ordered in 30 days - You set the message and discount the customer can receive.
• 30 days before the customers has a birthday - Send them a birthday special!

Prefer to do it yourself? That's ok, The customer profile tracking in SP-1 for Coffee allows you to track 10 phone numbers, 10 email addresses and 4 physical addresses for each customer.

Market to your customers through traditional mailing or by exporting email addresses. All for no extra charge. This can be done through our built-in marketing scenarios or by exporting the data and creating your own marketing parameters. Some of the built in marketing scenarios include:

• Customers that have not ordered in 30 days.
• Send customers that order between 6am and 10am a lunch special!
• Send all new customers a welcome discount!
• How about sending a special to your top 100 customers at the end of the year?
• Birthday discounts.

SelbySoft MobileDash

Mobile Reporting

MobileDash can help you know what is going on even when you are not in the store. MobileDash is an optional feature can help you see what is happening at your store without even being there. With MobileDash, you will receive hourly updates on your phone or desktop.

These updates will show you total sales, labor, category sales, gift card sales and more. This is a great way to stay on top of the store without having to call or text your employees.

MobileAlerts is a component of MobileDash that adds even more power. With MobileAlerts you can get instant updates when a void is done (including employee and ticket number), no-sale counts, what time employees clocked in and even complete audit tracking alerts in the event of a ticket reduction.

With MobileDash, I'm constantly on top of my five locations. Better yet, my employees are glad I stopped texting them!
- Brad N.

Get a hold of us to give it a try!

Tablet Systems

SelbySoft Tablet Tablet systems have changed the industry over the last couple years. They have made for a smaller footprint and for a mobile POS. SelbySoft has stayed on top of the industry.

Our tablet system is designed for the coffee & resturant industry. This can be used as the primary point of sale or as an add on station.
Using our equipment, you can setup SP-1 for Coffee with a much sleeker look and feel while still maintaining the same set of features.

The tablet can be used as a line buster - take it down the line and take orders before the customer hits the counter. Use the tablet for order taking at the table for inside or outside seating or take orders while the band is playing so the customer does not have to get up!

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