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Mobile Gift - This exciting new option allows you to have a Mobile Gift card app in the Apple and Android marketplace. This is a BRANDED app that your customers can use to pay for items with their gift card or even reload directly through the app.

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Credit Card Fee - You can now charge a fee when a customer pays with a credit card. This features allows you to recoup some of the fees that your credit card company charges you.

This can be setup as a flat fee or a percentage of the ticket total and happens automatically when the credit card button is pressed. Call us today for help on setting up this feature in your shop.

Kitchen & Barista Monitor - SelbySoft has added the ability to show the total number of outstanding orders and the average bump time.
We also added the ability to have a reminder screensaver that comes up. This allows you to show a reminder to your staff if there has been no activity on the monitor for a specified amount of time.

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SP-1 by SelbySoft Features

Just a sample of what SP-1 by SelbySoft is capable of!

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Graphical order entry - Pictures make things easy!
Zero Training interface - The easiest order screen possible.

FREE gift & reward System - Zero fees or swipe charges for gift cards.
Rewards - Buy 10 Get 1 Free - Stop using punch cards.
Rewards - Every $1 spent is a point - Setup $35 equals a beverage.
Rewards - Cash back percentage - Every order puts 5% back on their gift card.

Gift card tracking and VIP features - Offer specials discounts when using your card.

Full year of support & services - Support, cloud backups, unlimited trainings and more.
Active Ticket Technology - Change your orders on the fly.
Audit features - Track voids, edited tickets and more.
Theft control systems - Track employee tickets and voids.
Employee tip tracking - Tips are tracked and reported on if needed.
Eleven levels of security - Assign security to multiple features.

SelbySoft MobileDash. MobileDash reporting - Hourly updates to your phone. Optional feature.
Hands-Free Marketing - Send marketing emails to new & lazy customers as well as birthday reminders.
Automatic credit card fees - Add a credit card transacation fee automatically
Employee codes/cards/biometric - Use Fingerprint ID to clock in employees.

Unlimited menu items - Over 10,000 menu groups allowed.
Unlimited ticket history - Track every order a customer has placed.
Forced modifiers with up charges - Force employees to ask for type of bread, coffee, etc.

Barista and kitchen monitor systems - Show the kitchen & barista staff orders on the fly.
Barista and kitchen printers - Print to multiple printers in the kitchen.
Printing by order type and menu item - Select what menu items get printed.
Unlimited printer designations - No limit to printers supported.

SelbySoft Barista Monitor Customer database tracking
Ten emails per customer - Track emails per customer.
Ten phone numbers per customer - Track cell, home, office and more.
Multiple search types per customer - Search by name, phone number, address and gift card.
Taxable / Non-taxable designation - Setup taxable status by customer.

Up to 5 custom tax rates - Track tax by order type.
Canadian tax system options - GST/PST.
Ability to run a tab - Same day or bill them later.
Online Ordering - Order online.

Order quotes for catering - Quote exact times and then convert to a real order.
Deferred orders for future orders - Schedule orders in the future.
Unlimited discounts & coupons - Customized discounts.
Customer specific discounts - Discounts per customer profile.
Complete discount tracking - Reporting by percentage of total use, quantity and dollar amount.

House account billing: Current/30/60/90 - Run tabs over multiple days and bill the customer.
Multiple tender types - Pay with a combination of cash, 5 credit cards, 5 gift cards and more.

Table Service with 100 tables - 100 seats per table
Moving seats between tables - Up to 26 separate checks.
Easily split checks - Split units across checks as well.

SelbySoft Table Service. Multiple wage classes for employees - Track how much you spend on kitchen vs cashiers.
Salary and hourly tracking - Track salaried employees as well.
Manager/Employee email - Internal email with code based receipts.

Multiple flexible pricing methods
Automatic happy hour pricing - Prices automatically switch at the appropriate time.
Day and time specific pricing - Pricing dependant of the day of the week or time. Nine times per day.

Inventory control - Track waste, variances, and more.
Instant food & labor cost - Cost of Goods sold and labor available anytime.
Revenue reports - Track shift closes, end of day totals and more.
Hourly reports - See how products are doing by the hour.
Driver reports - See where your drivers are and how long their deliveries took.
Employee reports - Scheduling and payroll reports.

Marketing mailing labels - Export data for mailing labels.
Email marketing - Export data for email marketing.
Corporate downloading/uploading - Options for multiple locations.
Credit card integration - Use our preferred providers or your own!
Suggested up-sells - Have employees ask for the add ons.
Employee card swipes - Clock in or out with swipe cards.
Bad check notification - Track bad checks.

. . . And Many More

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