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Who are We?

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SelbySoft has a long history of providing cutting edge industry specific point of sale software. Since 1985 we have been developing for the independant and small to medium store level. Since 1994, we have been focused on the Pizza & Coffee markets as our primary markets.

In 1994, we developed one of the first graphical touch screen point of sale systems for the restaurant industry. Since then, SP-1 for Coffee & Cafes and SP-1 for Pizza & Restaurants has been installed in restaurants in every state, Mexico and Canada.

We have thousands of independant shop owners just like you. Additionally we work with many small to medium (think 10-150 stores) chains in the pizza and coffee market.

Where did we start? Simply with a small idea. Steve, our founder, wrote a Video Store Rental product called Take 1 that revolutionzed the POS rental market. From those beginnings, Steve built a company that sold and serviced thousands of Video Stores.

In 1994, Steve, hired Mike & Kevin. They started with SelbySoft in shipping and tech support and years later they worked their way up and bought the company! Mike & Kevin keep SelbySoft great by still doing everything in house. Our support staff, development, sales & shipping are all done right out of our office in Washington State.

Trade Shows
Schools & Sponsorships

SelbySoft at Coffee Fest
SelbySoft Sponsor America's Best Coffeehouse Competition

Trade Shows

Coffee Fest

Coffee Fest is a great show for the coffee retailer or individual looking to jump into the coffee industry. Coffee Fest holds three shows (West Coast, Central and East Coast) a year and SelbySoft exhibits at all three (we are the only POS company that regularly does this). SelbySoft presents two seminars at each show. The first is "Tracking & Increasing Sales with Technology". This seminar is designed as a beginners tool as to what POS can do for a retailer. The second is the "Increasing Revenue with Gift & Loyalty". This is focused specifically on the gift and loyalty side of POS and apps.

For three years, SelbySoft was chosen to be the Official Point of Sale system for America's Best Coffeehouse Competition. This competition pitted the best of the best in a competition for America's Best Coffeehouse title and thousands of dollars in prize money!

SelbySoft has also been the the exclusive sponsor for the Shark Tank inspired New Product Showdown! Mike Spence and three other judges put new products to the test to see who had the most innovative new products in the coffee industry.

Please don't hesitate to send us an email or to give us a call for current booth numbers and show locations. We usually have discount passes to the show as well.

Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

The SCA Event is the largest coffee show of the year. SCA is typically hosted once per year and has both national and international attendance. The SCA trade show has a number of educational programs and seminars for anyone looking to advance their coffee skills. SelbySoft is a frequent exhibitor and member of the SCA. Please don't hesitate to send us an email or to give us a call for current booth numbers and show locations.

Pizza Expo

Traditionally held in Las Vegas, Pizza Expo is held once per year. This show is great for any pizza restaurant and perfect for the store that does everything from delivery and carry out to table service. While visiting the show, take advantage of the many classes and lectures by industry leaders. Please don't hesitate to send us an email or to give us a call for current booth numbers and show locations.

SelbySoft advertises in these magazines.

Where have you seen us?

Fresh Cup has tons of information for the coffee industry. It is the magazine to read if you are interested in coffee.

Coffee Talk is a great resource as well for coffee. Stay up on industry news with the daily dose!

Pizza Today is everything pizza. The magazine if you want to learn more about the pizza industry.

PMQ will keep you up on all the latest news in the pizza industry.

American Barista & Coffee School
Cascade Coffee School
Seattle Barista Academy

Schools & Sponsorships

American Barista & Coffee School

Bellissimo Coffee Advisors operates the American Barista & Coffee school out of Portland OR and NYC, NY. For over 25 years the ABC school has been helping coffee business entrepreneurs who want to start up and run a speciality coffee business. SelbySoft has been proud to be a point of sale sponsor for the school. Many of our customers have gone through the ABC school and been thrilled with the attention to detail and knowledge they received.

Coffee Business School of the Cascades

The Coffee Business School of the Cascades specializes in business and beverage fundamentals and insights. Ed Arvidson is the creator and instructor of the school and has been supplying business consulting for the specialty coffee industry for over 20 years. Ed has all the skills to help make you more successful. SelbySoft has been a proud sponsor for many years and has seen students who attended this school go on to become very successful.

Seattle Barista Academy

The Seattle Barista Academy specializes in barista training and barista certification. SBA also has educational classes for new coffee shop startup and the experienced operator who wants to fine tune their coffee shop. Bob Burgess has been helping coffee shops thought his school since 2003! SelbySoft has been a proud sponsor and has clients that have participated at the school that have become successful by employing the traits they learned at SBA.

Barista Exchange

Barista Exchange is a networking site with thousands of memebers. Many coffee professionsals, coffee shop owners and baristas ask and answer questions as well as discuss industry events and techniques. SelbySoft has been a sponsor since shortly after its founding.

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