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Please be aware that some Windows XP installations are no longer supported by either Teamviewer or Logmein. Additionally, some of the internet browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) are no longer functioning correctly with login services.

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You do run backups - Right?
Let SelbySoft do this for you via our secure online backup service and you'll never have to worry about backups again!

When was the last time you asked customer service to check that your backup worked? Most people never check to see if they have run out of space or if the whole backup worked until they need it. In the future, request to be set-up with the online backup. Your data will then be transmitted automatically in the middle of the night to a secure server at SelbySoft! From there, SelbySoft can verify that your data was securely and accurately backed up.

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Don't forget to check out our blog for more information on the SP-1 for Coffee and SP-1 for Pizza updates.

Our Zero Training software system for the coffee & pizza industries can help you make more money and be more efficient. Are you using your system to it's fullest? Call us for help on increasing your marketing options through our Hands Free Marketing system or learn how to better utilize the free gift and loyalty system that is built in (did you know we have THREE reward systems!).

Have you scheduled a training session recently? It's a free option with the SP-1 for Coffee and SP-1 for Pizza point of sale system when you are on a current support plan.

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