June 16th, 2011 by ssadmin
Have you ever noticed that printer in the back of a kitchen at a busy restaurant?  Or maybe the monitor hanging above the espresso machine in a drive thru? 

Why are they there?   The simple answer is to print the order out right?   It goes deeper than that once you start really thinking about it.  

1)  They are efficient.  It’s true, they are.  Count how many steps an employee has to take to hand a receipt, cup or hand written note to the Barista or cook.  Then double it (they have to walk back right?).  Now multiply that by the number of orders you take in a day.  Virtually all of that time is wasted.  

2) Less Mistakes.  Order accuracy is key when thinking about implementing a monitor or printer for a make line.  Handwriting mistakes vanish when using this type of system.   The Barista and cooks know precisely what to make because it is all laid out in front of them.  Additions and subtractions are handled correctly as well. 

3) Theft Controls.  Want to stop product from being handed out without getting paid for it?  While a monitor or printer does not completely stop it from happening, it can certainly cut down the potential.  If you have two employees the rule is that without a paper slip or display on the monitor, you don’t make the product.   

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