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Who handles your credit card processing? 

Good question isn’t it? There are many payment processors to choose from. If you’re not sure which company is the best for you, we can help! SelbySoft has some preferred relationships with credit card processors that can save you money and help streamline your business operations. 

One of our relationships is with Mercury Payment Systems®.  Mercury® offers several  advantages that make them a great choice for our customers and a great partner for SelbySoft. Here are some of the reasons Mercury is one of our preferred processors: 

Customer Service. This is the most important thing we consider when evaluating partners, since it matters most to our customers.  Mercury offers free, live customer and technical support, 24/7. They have shown a dedication to customer service that has helped our merchants maintain a reliable credit card processing system.

Mercury Stand-In. This service is unique to Mercury.  If there is an outage within the authorization network, Mercury implements their stand-in service that allows merchants to continue credit cardprocessing. Mercury “stands in” so business continues as usual for our merchants.    

Direct Integration. SelbySoft and Mercury have a direct integration which  eliminates the need for a third party system like PC Charge. A direct integration helps cut future costs since no updates or support are required., Gift Cards. Mercury has a cross-store gift card program that supports pooling of gift card funds – ideal for merchants with franchises or multiple locations. Mercury also offers their customers free, unlimited gift card transactions.

Lastly, Mercury can be very competitive with their rates. They also offer month-to-month contracts for merchants who prefer less commitment with a payment processor.

I invite you to find out more about Mercury Payment Systems online at www.mercurypay.com
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