March 15th, 2012 by Mike Spence

Do you know about Price Tables in SP-1?  Price tables are a way of assigning a three letter  codes to pricing.  For instance FLV or LGT for Flavor or Large Topping.

These are setup so that SP-1 can be incredibly flexible on the pricing.  Using a price table instead of absolute pricing can make it easy to change prices in the future. Let’s say you have 10 ingredients and price them at $.50 each.  With absolute pricing, you  would need to change each of the 10 ingredients when pricing changed.  If  you used a price table instead, you would place the three letter combination on each of those.  Then, if you decided to change the price, you only change the price table one time and all 10 ingredients are modified.

Another advantage is that a price table can be setup by time or day of the week. This allows you to specify up to nine different prices per day per item if needed!

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