October 5th, 2016 by Mike Spence

Why should you look at adding Mobile Gift through SelbySoft?  In 2013 Starbucks processed 16% of its transactions through Mobile Gift!    Read more about that here.  With our Mobile Gift solution, you will make more money.  Customers LOVE cool in the coffee industry and we are helping you bring that to them.

Think about this . . . Customers can be reloading their gift cards when you are not even open!   This is a custom branded Apple and Android app that will all you to compete with Starbucks in the mobile gift market.  This app allows your customers to find YOUR STORE in the iTunes marketplace (Android coming soon)!

With this app, your customers will simply load their gift card information into the system and then have the ability to

  • Pay for their order from the phone (requires scanner).
  • Check their gift card balances .
  • Reload their gift card system (requires Vantiv Integrated Payments for security reasons).  They even have the option to receive a discount when loading the card.

All of this right from their smartphone!

First, this is a CUSTOM BRANDED app for your store.  SelbySoft will only be shown as the developer in the app store and not the actual app.  This is why this is so different than the other apps out there.

Give me a call and we can look at setting up YOUR Mobile Gift Solution. Why let Starbucks have all the fun?

MobileGift App

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September 20th, 2011 by Mike Spence

Over the last year we have seen more of our customers look at catering options with their products.  Obviously that leads to more calls to us asking how we can help.  Fortunately, we already have a number of wants to help with this.

It starts with creating a catering menu.  Talk to our support about creating a specific menu group with your catered items.  This allows your employees to have one button access to the items you cater and the prices you charge.

When a customer calls in, make sure you use our Customer Tracking system to add the customer.  Often these customers

are already in your database and may simply be having you delivery items to a different address.   They may even use a different contact number when calling you.   In SP-1, we track up to 10 phone numbers per client.


In SP-1, when you add (or edit) a customer, you can select the phone number / email address button to update or add information for the customers profile.  In catering this is advantageous because you now can get  hold of the direct person that is placing the order if there is a question.


The next step is to use the Additional Addresses button to enter the customers catering address. This is important because you might be providing the items to a different location than what you have on file as the main address.

Once we have the order placed, we have two more options available to us.  If you have done catering before then you know that sometimes when the customers calls, they are not actually placing the order right?  Sometimes, it’s an office manager or assistant that is calling around to check on pricing.   We handle this as well!  At the ticket completion screen, you can convert any order into a quote only.  What this does is save the order under that customers phone number for future reference.  When (if) the customer calls back to place that catering order, you will have all the details laid out in front of you!    This allows you to easily and quickly duplicate the previous quote and then turn it into an actual order.

Once the catering order is ready to finish, we can use our Deferred Order system to schedule this order for a future date and time.  SP-1 will automatically print your order on the day and time that it is due.  We even allow you to set the default time the order should be printed.   If it needs to be ready at 4pm the order can print at 3pm! 

So the complete catering options look like this:

  • Add customer with multiple phone numbers and addresses
  • Take order and turn into a quote
  • Duplicate the quote and mark it as a deferred order
  • The order then prints automatically at the time it is ready
  • Reporting for the manager and owner on all future orders


SP-1 can make this type of coffee shop or restaurant catering easy by implementing the built in features of our POS!

Call us for more information!




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July 27th, 2009 by ssadmin
Did you know that you can customize the colors on the ingredient & modifier buttons? SelbySoft has the ability to use ten different colors on those buttons. This can be used to help categorize groups of items. For instance, you might add yellow to all milks or red on all meat items.

Additionally, if you don’t have a graphic available for the button, then the button will show with the words centered and the entire button color coded!

Contact us at: SelbySoft 800-454-4434 Sales@SelbySoft.com WWW.SelbySoft.com 8326 Woodland Ave. E Puyallup Wa 98371

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