March 21st, 2013 by Mike Spence

Do you track your Labor Cost?  If not, you should.  Labor is one of the most highest expenses your business has.  SP-1 has the ability to help you track labor and see where you stand.

There are three different ways to track the labor percent in SP-1.

1)   Check out the Business Summary (Reports | Daily Sales Recap | Business Summary).   This will show you the current labor cost.  If you input a time frame, it will show the labor cost for that time frame.  If you display the report, you can see greater detail as we show the actual total dollar amount of labor as well as the percentage.

2)  Dashboard method.  The dashboard is a great way to quickly see labor dollars and percentages.  Simply select the dashboard button and enter a user code and password.

3) MobileDash method.  There is a cost to the MobileDash ($10/month) but if you are using it, you will receive hourly updates to your labor along with other information.




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March 8th, 2011 by ssadmin
Are you tracking labor cost?

After one of the last trade shows, I came away realizing that there are a number of people that don’t use our Employee Time feature.  I’m not sure what the thought is here as it is INCREDIBLY easy to track the employee time keeping in SP-1!

Once you have employees clocked in SP-1 starts tracking the time for each employee.  If you take the time to enter the wage per employee, then SP-1 is also tracking your labor cost!

Labor cost is automatically reported on your BSR (Business Summary Recap), Dashboard, as well as being reported on the MobileDash.  Having these numbers available to you are very important in controlling your costs on a regular basis.

One note, we do find people that are not tracking their salaried employees because they don’t clock in / out.  We have the ability to enter the daily salary of those employees in one spot so that it is reported with our labor percentages!  This can be found in Reports | Reports Setup: 1

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