May 10th, 2012 by Mike Spence

Do you run a happy hour?  We see that as a great way to help bring people in during the ‘slow time’ of the day.   One of the problems with Happy Hour pricing is open tabs.  If I start a tab but don’t close the ticket, do I still qualify for happy hour?

It’s up to you!  We have two methods of handling this type of pricing:

Base pricing on start time:  With this method selected, your pricing on open tabs is based on when the customer opened the tab.  This is used to encourage customers to stay at a table and keep ordering.   If you offer a $.50 discount per drink during happy hour, this method would extend that pricing until the ticket was closed.

Base pricing on actual time:  This is the most common method of these orders.  Pricing is based on the actual time that the item is ordered.

Don’t forget that SelbySoft allows up to nine prices per item per day with our price tables.  This allows you to have these happy hour prices automatically take effect.

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