May 24th, 2012 by Mike Spence

You may know that we have a Customer Confirmation monitor that can be installed with SP-1.    This is an option that puts either a 9″ or 17″  monitor that sits on the counter facing the customer.   The monitor plays a slide show to your customers and then when you start to place an order, the monitor shows the items and pricing to the customer.  It’s a far better option than a pole display.

Since these have been available,  we have had some customers ask to have the pricing removed on the screen so that customers don’t see the itemized up charges.



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December 27th, 2011 by Mike Spence

Order confirmation monitors are becoming more and more popular with our customers that are looking to up grade that old pole display into something more effective and exciting.

OCM is fast becoming the way to promote your products from the counter top.  With a 9″ or 17″ monitor, this system allows you to promote your products through a slide show of pictures  while the customer is thinking about their order. 


Once the customer starts to place their order, the screen changes to show them, clearly, what the employee is entering.  This way you have a very exact understanding that the customer will get what they ordered.  Further, the side of the screen will still show three up-sell pictures and a scrolling message.








This is a great way to help cut theft as well  as the customer knows what the change should be.


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